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Social Networking Portal Development
  • Detailed and highly personalized users profile.
  • Advance Features
  • Administration console
  • Powerful communication tool
  • Business Application
  • Social Application
  • Our social network development portfolio and capability
Social Networking Portal Development

Social Networking Portal

Social Networking Portal Development originated for the platform that people can use it as online communities and it is vastly evolved to trusted business and networks which facilitate to acquire the different services. Within minimum time period the social website go for the interaction publically. It has a feature like a host such as list book, photo albums, forums, blogs and etc. Jp Software Technologies has various web developers and designers that possess over long years of experience.

Social networking portal development is a web based social networking platform creation to connect people. It's a unique web portal solution, where people share their interest and activities. A social network design consists of individual user profile, social links, images and other desired information. The social networking platform gives them a unique way interact and share the information among each other.

Social networking is a popular Web 2.0 phenomenon. Sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and LinkedIn have grown at such a rapid rate that many companies now look to own their own social networking site. The major factor in having your own social networking site is the direct communication you have between yourself and the customer. In today’s trend, social networking is one of the best ways to use people in routine to interconnected each other and build a network or social relationship as per their interest.

Why Social Networking Portal Development

  • Wide range of up-to-date Web development services.
  • Streamlines business processes with innovative Web technologies.
  • Cost-effective prices due to open source networking platforms customization.
  • Hands-on social network solutions and featured social websites by Jp Software Technologies team.
  • Social networking development is tailored to enhance customer websites & increase revenue.

Special Features of Social Networking Sites

  • Detailed and highly personalized users profile.
  • Administration console
  • Search features
  • Forums and groups
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Blogs .. and many more.

Uses of Social Community

All in all it is a powerful tool that is used for one general purpose, but its application can be found in various fields.

  • It’s a powerful communication tool
  • It has given rise to new ways of communication and information sharing
  • Used to configure various applications that are used frequently in everyday life
  • To create directory listings based on various parameters
  • As aforementioned social community building is all about applying the platform for various applications.

Business Application

  • Offering low cost connectivity to small businesses and budding entrepreneurs
  • Act as a tool for customer relationship management
  • An effective platform for advertising and promotions
  • Online meeting place for virtual business communities .. and many more.

Social Application

  • Enabling people to getting to know each other. Basically, forming friendships
  • Enabling the posting of videos, music, and text that pertains to a particular interest of the user.
  • Enables the posting of Blogs

Our social network development portfolio and capability:

  • Development of social communities and corporate networks
  • Commerce solutions-B2B, B2C exchanges
  • Community Portals/Vortals
  • Finance based portfolio management application
  • Virtual science forums
  • Yellow pages driven portals
  • Photo sharing and managing application with integrated social networking features
  • Lab management suite with networking features
  • Community portals for wireless and mobile devices
  • Networking platform for professionals
  • Travel app with social sharing features
  • Social networking integration into enterprise applications
  • Location-based survey application with social sharing features
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