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ABM Realty – a Real Estate Portal

ABM Realty – a Real Estate Portal

Our Real Estate Property Management Software (ABM Realty) has extensive reporting system with more than 25 ready reports related to properties, received payment, pending payment, client ledger, brokerage due, installment, with full accounting, back office tools, maintenance capabilities.

Our "ABM-Realty" would enable you to record inquiries and take action on leads. Our property management software is originally created out of the requirements for property managers to have enhanced control over the management.

Real Estate Property Management has comprehensive reporting system with Payment Received, Client Ledger, Pending Payment, Installment, Brokerage due etc. ABM-Realty would allow you to record inquiries.

  • Simple online real estate CRM Software for any level of real estate consultant
  • End to end real estate management
  • Comprehensive project management and booking process
  • 100% utilization of your lead to make your business effective
  • Lead Assignment or Distribution to your employee or group
  • Track all contacts and related opportunities, activities, and other details from a centralized, database

Key Features

Real Estate Property Management has comprehensive reporting system with Payment Received, Client Ledger, Pending Payment, Installment, Brokerage due etc. ABM-Realty would allows you to record inquiries.

  • Interest wave off option for any customer.
  • You can track information of each unit spread.
  • Auto calculation of interest on overdue payments.
  • Track which unit is booked, available, sold, and due for payment.
  • Block Reservations, Cancellations, Confirmations, wait listing, and more.
  • Real Estate Property Management allows you to get complete history of a unit.
  • ABM-Realty manages and track sales activities across all categories under a project.
  • You can create many projects and you can give name to each project, rates, property type, payment plans, etc.
  • Complete process from booking to registry, this feature will enable you to get information of customer account.

Key Benefits of Real Estate Property Management:

  • Scalable to suit the size of your property.
  • Supports you become more productive, profitable.
  • Delivers fast, and accurate information on your property.
  • Tailored to fit your property operational business requirements.

Customer Account:

  • Transfer unit
  • Record payments
  • Hold/unhold Unit
  • Payment schedule
  • Save customer documents
  • Generate payment receipts
  • Auto brokerage calculation
  • Interest on overdue payment
  • Payment history of each unit
  • Auto calculations of service tax
  • Generate payment demand notice

Unit Status:

  • Booked
  • Hold
  • Sold
  • Overdue

Reports and Alerts:

  • Property availability report
  • ABM-Realty maintains complete account of Sales made through brokers.
  • Auto payment reminders to developer and customer.
  • Payment receipt generation
  • Property report
  • Service tax report
  • Hold property report
  • Payment pending report
  • Client wise report
  • Installment due report
  • Agent brokerage report

Payment Methods:

  • Cash
  • EMI

Rate Management:

  • Parking charges
  • Transfer charges
  • Property basic rates
  • Cancellation charges
  • Agent brokerage Rate
  • Other additional charges
  • Preferred location charges

Permission based Access:

  • Staff Access
  • Agent Access
  • Admin Access


  • Create agents
  • Set brokerage rate
  • Agent ledger account
  • Pay brokerage and track payment history
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