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Carpet ERP Software
  • 100% Authentic Result with no Error.
  • Complete Documentation
  • About 100 reports get prepared in just 30 minutes.
  • Includes automatic Descriptive Indicators.
  • Automatic grading areas.
  • Automatic Card Generation.
  • Saves time & reduces their workload by 95%.
Carpet ERP Software

Carpet ERP Software is the easiest Carpet Software for Carpet and related Offices. This software gives high quality Carpet report printing and provides efficient management of Carpet records.

About Carpets ERP:

Carpets ERP is a robust integrated business and accounting & Inventory software system that will help you organize your business's financial and Inventory future. Carpets ERP contain all the features you would expect from a complete business and inventory management package as well as a robust accounting core. As you perform your daily business activities. However, if the need arises, Carpets ERP provides you with the ability to control every aspect of your registers, including making manual entries. To truly appreciate all of the capabilities of Carpets ERP we encourage you to call us for free demo and try out the features first hand.

Company Management:

  • Carpets ERP provide intuitive company management functions grouped together. Providing straight forward access to all aspects of your.
  • Add, edit and manage your company’s users.
  • Add, edit and manage your company’s branches and setup centers that can consist of one or more branch.
  • Create, edit and manage Buyer, Buyer contacts and Buyer ship to addresses.
  • Create, edit and manage Contractors and Contractors contacts and Contractors ship from addresses.
  • Carpets ERP provides comprehensive management. As you conduct business, like with all other functions, Carpets ERP maintains all the necessary data for you. Your data is automatically updated.
  • Reviews manage and reconcile accounts receivables and aging. Monitor the status of your company’s accounts.

Order Management:

  • Order Receive from Buyer.
  • New Order Allow to Production.
  • Urgent List Maintain.
  • Order wise Stock Management.
  • Order to be Issue.
  • Order In Hand.
  • Monthly Order Position.
  • Yarn Purchase Requirement
  • Shade wise Dyeing Program Summary

Production Management:

  • Order Issue to Contractor/Branch.
  • Daura Entry.
  • Print Material Lagat /Shade wise Consumption for Purja.
  • Date wise Issue Report.
  • Loom Balance Report.
  • Pending Material at Loom.
  • Bazar Entry.
  • Bazar Slip Printing for Contractors
  • Measurement Register

Purchase Management:

  • Generate PO for Carpet Supplier.
  • Purchase Bazar.
  • Date wise Carpet Purchase Report.
  • Carpet Purchase Register.
  • Carpet Purchase PO Pending Report.
  • Generate PO for Material Supplier.
  • Material Receiving.
  • Material Purchase Billing
  • Date wise Material Receiving Report
  • Material Purchase Register
  • Supplier Payment
  • Lot No. wise Material Receiving
  • Supplier Statement

Material Section:

  • Material Opening.
  • Material Purchase/Return.
  • Material Issue to Dyeing House.
  • Receive from Dyeing House.
  • Issue/Receive Contractor (also avai le purja wise).
  • Issue/Receive Others.
  • Issue/Receive Finishing.
  • Material Issue/Receive Detail Register
  • Material Issue/Receive Summary Register

Dyeing Section:

  • Undyed Yarn Issue.
  • Dyeing Program.
  • Dyeing Receive.
  • Dyer Bill.
  • Dyeing Register.
  • Undyed yarn for Program.
  • Undyed yarn at Dyeing Plant.
  • Pending Challan for Bill
  • Dyer Statement

Map Section:

  • Map Opening Stock.
  • Map Order to Designer.
  • Map Receive from Designer.
  • Map Issue to Contractor.
  • Map Receive from Contractor.
  • Designer Order/Receive/Balance.
  • Designer Ledger.
  • Loom Issue/Receive/Balance
  • Payment List
  • Designer Account
  • Map Stock

Finishing Section:

  • Finishing Issue (Also avai le Carpet No. wise, Barcode feature also avai le).
  • Finishing Issue/Receive (Both entry in one time for In campus process like Binding, Latexing etc.).
  • Finishing Material Issue/Receive.
  • Receive from Finishing.
  • Finisher Account.
  • Rate wise Detail.
  • Finisher Payment List.
  • Finisher Ledger
  • Issue/Receive Register
  • Finisher Balance

Financial Accounting Section:

  • Material Supplier Account.
  • Carpet Supplier Account.
  • Dyer Account.
  • Designer Account.
  • Finisher Account.
  • Weaving/Commission Payment.
  • Payment Transfer Purja wise.
  • Payment Register
  • Weaving Payment List
  • Purja wise Ledger
  • Weaving Register
  • Purja wise Outstanding
  • Outstanding Summary Contractor wise
  • Contractor Account

Godown Section:

  • Stock Adjustment.
  • Order wise Stock Adjustment.
  • Quality/Rate wise Summarized.
  • Design wise Stock.
  • Stock Register.
  • Buyer/PO/Collection wise Stock.
  • Item Ledger.
  • Stock Valuation
  • Carpet Stock Report (Month/Quality wise Statement)
  • Stock (Include/Exclude)
  • Carpet Status
  • Undyed Yarn Stock
  • Dyed Yarn Stock
  • Yarn Stock Register
  • Shade wise Stock
  • Lot No. wise Stock Register

Export Section:

  • Challan Entry.
  • Packing Program.
  • Invoice Preparation.
  • Packing Detail Entry.
  • Packing Specification.
  • Shipped Details.
  • Shipping Documents.
  • Bill of exchange
  • Shipping Instruction
  • Export Register
  • Advance Cargo Declaration
  • Export Value Declaration
  • Guarantee Letter
  • Inspection
  • Single Country Declaration
  • Annexure-I
  • Bank Direct Letter
  • Bank Covering Letter
  • Date wise Shipment
  • Check List
  • Buyer wise Invoice
  • Performa Invoice Creation
  • Single window to convert Performa Invoice to Original Invoice
  • Buyer Order Balance after packing

Extensive Other Features:

  • Multi-Company Accounting.
  • Multiple Financial Years.
  • Automatic Ledger Carrying To Successive financial years.
  • Bird’s Eye View of Accounts.
  • Query System.
  • Stock Status.
  • Stock Valuation on multiple methods.
  • Design wise Gross Profit
  • Department wise Costing & Production
  • Non Performing Customers & Item Report
  • Fully User-definable Access Rights
  • Year-wise Data Backup and Restore
  • Reference Adjustment Wizard
  • Merging of Accounts / Items
  • Data Export (Plain File / HTML / MS-Excel)
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