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Coal Supply Managment Software
  • 100% Authentic Result with no Error.
  • No training required to maintain CCE report.
  • 100% offline Utility (No Internet connection required).
  • Includes automatic Descriptive Indicators.
  • Automatic Report Generation
  • Automatic Error Detection
  • Saves time & reduces workload by 95%
Coal Supply Managment Software

Coal Supply Managment Software refers to system of supply based assessment that covers all aspects Coal Supply Management. The comprehensive component CSMS takes care of assessment of all round development of the Coal's Supply. It includes assessment in scholastic and co-scholastic aspect in supply and growth rate. Supply will be evaluated in all areas as per the requirement of the Customers.

Coal Supply Managment Software for Coal Transport . This is a very user friendly Software through which any one can generate Crystal Report for any no. of Coal according to the CBSE guidelines. This covers all fields. Result entry of FA1, FA2, SA1, FA3, FA4, SA2 can be entered very quickly and very easily. There is no need to calculate as it can be generated automatically with the help of on line portal. It removes the need of report for each customer. Software can generate full Report which includes the result of both terms as well as report for first term exam only. Get the progress report software. Its a web based progress report generation software system designed according to CSMS guidelines

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