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Hospital Management Software(Best Software for Manage Your Hospital)
  • Complete Inventory & Accounting Management
  • Easy & Fast Billing
  • Make Smart Purchase & Re-Ordering System
  • Multi Discounts & Schemes
  • Improved customer satisfaction with Home delivery
  • Other Item Schemes
  • Multi Stores
  • Control & Reduce Inventory Cost
  • MRP wise Stocks & Auto Rate Calculations
Hospital Management Software

JP Software Technologies has designed a Hospital Management System keeping in view the requirements of clinics and hospitals. It is state of the art software that has been designed after extensive research and has integrated all the facilities required by a hospital. The Hospital Management System software is quite flexible to use and is scalable in design. The Hospital Management System software from JP Softwaer Technologies has many modules, where each module deals with a specific activity and helps to improve the quality of patient care. The software helps to reduce the number of human hours, increases efficiency and reduces costs. Our Hospital Management System software is very user friendly & affordable.

What is HMS?

HMS is a Comprehensive and integrated Hospital Management System Designed and Developed by Health Systems. HMS is fully geared up to meet the demand of running a modern hospital or a Clinic. It has been conceived by a blend of seasoned professionals with rich and relevant experience in healthcare industry. The System incorporates the best healthcare practices and it designed to deliver key tangible benefits to clients across the globe.

Hospital Management System provides the benefits of streamline operation. Enhanced administration and control superior patient care, strict cost control and improved profitability

System has a long term business commitment in the field of healthcare management system to bring the immense values of upto- date clinical, administrative and technological practices to its clients.

Following are the key benefits of the Hospital Management System software:
  • This software maintains records of all the departments in a hospital which include different wards, labs, medical store, billing department & many more facilities.
  • The software integrates a variety of systems used in a hospital such as inventory management, financial management, front office management etc.
  • The integration helps to provide all the updated information in one place
  • The Hospital Management System is accurate, reliable and it is very easy to retrieve stored information.
  • Reduces the amount of paper work.
  • Helps in better utilization of resources
  • Helps in improving patient services and improves security of patient data

Registration Module:

  • Patient registration and allocation of patient identification Number
  • Patient Demographic details
  • Patient Medical Alerts
  • Health Insurance sponsor details and default sponsor
  • Registration
  • Patient Visit slip
  • Patient Search Facility
  • Sponsor Verification and Authentication
  • Appointment Scheduling

Medical Module:

  • Doctor’s Duty Roster
  • Appointment Scheduling and Visit slip generation
  • Doctor’s Daily appointment List
  • Medical observation
  • Electronic Patient Record
  • ICD Code (Optional)
  • Physician Order Entry
  • Pathology and Radiology investigation Request
  • Drug Prescription
  • Patient information Confidentiality
  • Patient admission request to ward


  • Configuration of Services Offered
  • Configurable report templates for investigation results
  • Automatic receipt of investigation requests from outpatient and Inpatient Modules
  • Investigation Sample collection
  • Sample Dispatch if external agency for testing
  • Radiology equipment scheduling for investigations
  • Investigation report generation
  • Integration with patient billing module
  • Delta Reports to evaluate variation of investigation results overtime
  • Immediate availability of investigation Reports in Electronic Medical Records

Financial Module:

  • Health Insurance sponsor details
  • Health plans,coverd services, applicable rates, and discounts
  • Heath plan and covered diagnostic codes
  • Heath plan Co-payment details
  • Sponsor Invoicing
  • Patient Billing and Collection
  • Financial Posting to financial accounting module
  • Financial Accounting and Fixed Assets
  • (General Ledger, Account Payable and Account Receivable)
  • Financial Accounting and Fixed Assets
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Journal Voucher Entries
  • Customer invoicing
  • Cheque (Bank)/Cash payments to suppliers
  • Advance payment to suppliers
  • Credit notes and Debit Notes
  • Balance sheet, Profit and Loss Account trail Balance
  • Asset definition and categorization
  • Asset depreciation, transfer, revaluation and write off
  • Payroll
  • Employee Personal Details
  • Leave and Attendance management
  • Loans and Advances Managements
  • Employee Promotion, transfer and registration
  • Payroll Processing

Inventory Modules:

  • Ordinary Purchase Orders(PO),Emergency PO and Blanket PO
  • PO approved hierarchy definition
  • PO short closer and PO cancellation
  • Goods receipt notes
  • Purchase returns
  • Stock transfer between sub stores
  • Drug/Suppliers issue to Out patients and wards
  • Drug Return from outpatient and wards
  • Drug expiry Management
  • Stock issue for internal consumption
  • Stock adjustment /stock availability reports
  • Stock Recorder reports
  • Drug/Medical supplier expiry report
  • Pharmacy billing to patients
  • Financial posting to financial Accounting Module

Security Modules:

  • Define Users
  • Define User Access Privileges
  • Information Security and confidentiality
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